The  Rice Experiment
Here is an experiment everyone should do. I did it with much scepticism
and was stunned by the results. The overall purpose of the experiment was
to show if thought or intention could effect the structure of water... which in
turn would show that 'structural change' in a tangible base that we could
observe... such as rice. This experiment has profound implications on
everyday life.
Source information for this experiment is from the movie "Water, the Great
Mystery" by Intention Media. The original experiment was conducted by Dr
Masaru Emoto of Japan. Here is his website...
The Experiment Procedure

Obtain three glass beakers from your local Science and Education Center. They need to
be at least 16mL size. Clean throughly and dry. Get some rice, I used some cheap long
grain rice from the local grocery market. Then put one cup of your rice in each beaker.
Then put one cup of cold tap water into each beaker as well. Make sure your measuring
equipment for the rice and water is clean as well. A slight stir (with a clean utensil) and you
are done. Place your experiment outside in the shade and protected from varmints. I
placed mine in a wire varmint cage. After a few days, the rice will take on an odor. Don't
worry about bugs and flies, they didn't come near mine.

Once your experiment is placed, here is what you do:

Go out to your experiment once a day and say to the first beaker, or beaker number 1,
"Thank You."

To the second beaker, or beaker number 2 say,
"You're and idiot!"

To the third beaker, just ignore it, no words or thought towards it at all.

Do this for thirty days. Try not to focus on what is going on in the beaker when you do this.
Just say the words and walk away.
My Experiment

Go to the
next page to see the results of my experiment.

If you are going to do this experiment, I recommend you NOT go to the next page to see
the results of my experiment. It is better to stay unbiased by my results. If you don't feel
you will be biased, then proceed.